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The World's Toughest Row by Atlantic Campaigns brings together teams from all walks of life, united by the same objective - to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat.

It’s the premier event in ocean rowing and the World’s Toughest Row. The challenge will take us more than 3000 Miles west from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain (28oN 18oW) to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda (17oN 61oW). The annual race begins in early December 2024, with up to 30 teams participating from around the world.


Our goal is to raise £100K to be shared between the RNLI
and the chosen charity of our Platinum sponsor.

The World's Toughest Row Atlantic brings together teams from all walks of life, united by the same objective - to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat.

The World's Toughest Row Atlantic is a globally visible and diverse platform, enabling each team participating in the race to raise funds and awareness of charities of their choosing. Each team or individual can choose one or many charities that are close to their hearts to support during their campaign. Not only does this raise much needed funds for the charity in question, but it also gives the rower and/or team a purpose, and motivation and a personal cause to focus on during the darker and harder moments of their crossing. 2020 was a year of incredible hardship globally - meaning that charitable donations are at an all time low, however through the determination and courage of the 2020 fleet, an incredible €1.9million! This means that the total raised by teams in the The World's Toughest Row now stands at an amazing €12,900,000 and counting!


Over 20 years ago Kim read Dame Ellen MacArthur's book Taking On The World and it sparked the notion that even short women can do extraordinary challenges. As she grows older the need to get on with it has grown stronger. Kim wants to be able to take everyone on the journey with her as it takes a crew to row a boat but a community to row an ocean.

Kim's career started as a managing dispensing optician and after having her son she is now the producer for a successful design, film and animation company.

Kim only started gig rowing in 2018 but absolutely fell in love with it. Following people like Lia Ditton who singlehandedly rowed the Pacific introduced her to the sport of ocean rowing and there her dream of doing an extraordinary challenge began.


Nathaniel has always had a love for the ocean and played on it his whole life. Taking to the sport of gig rowing at 12 years old the love of rowing only grew stronger.

The dream of crossing an ocean started when seeing a neglected old ocean rowing boat in a yard left him with the question “wonder if I could do that?”

He’s served on the lifeboat crew for over 10 years so respects just how tough the sea can be.


Sally loves the sea, adventures, being outdoors, honesty, fairness and hard work - only you can live your best life. Hates excuses and flakiness! Sally has 3 daughters, 3 cats and an Andy ❤️. Started rowing with Looe Rowing club in August 2019.


In 2019 Sally took part in the inaugural season Vivo barefoot swim run event in Bantham and Laura Try gave an inspiring talk about her experience of the Atlantic challenge row. Initial feeling was there is no way I could ever do that and those waves…. it was there that the seed was sown… 

In her day job, Sally works at the University of Plymouth and is a trustee for the Bridge Schools Trust.


Harry will be 28 at the race start. He is a self employed traditional boat builder and oar maker from South East Cornwall.
His interest in the Atlantic Challenge race stems from a pipe dream he's had since his late teens when he got to know former TWAC competitors. This has also formed from his love of rowing competitions, ranging from small local regattas to European and World Championship level events.

Isn't adverse to mad challenges, regularly doing extended mountaineering trips to North Wales and Scotland.
This is not an excuse to get out of the house for a few days, or to finally get a half reasonable tan...


Help Oars Of Thunder get to the start line. Funds will go directly to purchasing all the essential equipment, including our rowing boat, oars, onboard equipment like our water makers, navigation system, and food.

A big thanks to our sponsors and supporters:

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